What is No Deposit Bonus


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    What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

    The name says it all but if you are confused we will explain it anyway. This is a kind of promotion from online casino games where they offer a small number of funds to the user. This is without requiring the user to deposit any real money.

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    So in simple words, it is free credit. Thus they offer this to invite new players to open accounts and join their game.

    This is like trial money given to the users so that they can enjoy the game and then buy more deposits with their actual money this time.

    They give a modest amount of no deposit casino bonus to all players. You can definitely see that different games have a different policy so different types of amounts are given.

    No Deposit Bonus vs. Free Spins

    Free spins and no deposit casino bonuses are both used as promotional tools to attract more players to play the game. The difference lies in their use.

    Free spins are predominantly awarded in slot games. In the case of no deposit casino bonuses Unless specified by the online casino, no deposit bonuses can be used on any of its games.

    Can I Win Real Money with a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

    Not directly. You can not just get the no deposit casino bonus and then withdraw the money that you get. You need to play the game.

    When you play the game, if you win then you can make some real money. No deposit casino bonus is not the real money that you can withdraw. So keep that in mind before playing.


    Here are few questions that people generally tend to ask us. We have answered them already for your convenience. Take a look at all of them. It might answer some of your questions too.

    1. Can I win real money on no deposit casino bonus?

    This totally depends on the game that you are playing. It can differ from one game to another. That’s why you need to read the withdrawal policy of such games before you start playing.

    The money offered in the no deposit casino bonus is going to act like real credit money in the user’s account so yes you can earn money if you win. Just take into account the withdrawal policy of the game.

    2. How does a no deposit casino bonus work?

    The companies offer no deposit casino bonus to the players who join or register to their game. This is done in order to get more players to join their game.

    So you can say that this is a promotional trick. However, you need to register for the game in order to get the no deposit casino bonus. When you register and meet all their conditions then you get it.

    3. Can I claim a no deposit casino bonus on my phone?

    Yes of course you can. They just want you to play. If the game has a mobile app, you can claim your no deposit casino bonus from your phone. Just check out their policy and offers before you start playing.

    4. Why should I claim a no deposit casino bonus?

    If you are a new casino game player then the no deposit casino bonus will come in real handy. The bonus can help you test out the game.

    You can commit to the game with your own funds later on if you like the game. But you are not giving in your real funds in the beginning so that is not going to be a loss.

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