How Much Does A Casino Dealer Make

    How Much Does A Casino Dealer Make

    Our mind is a curious thing and we make use of it. If you are here then you must be questioning stuff too. Now we already know that everyone wants to win in a casino game and get a lot of money but what about the other side of the table.

    To put it simply, what about the dealers in the casino? What are they making? How much do they get paid for doing this job? I mean you would usually think that they pay a lot for the job of keeping the business going but is that really true?

    If you ever wonder about it then no need to worry anymore because we have got your back. This article here is entirely different from the others.

    How Much Does A Casino Dealer Make

    It deals with the question that how much does a casino dealer make? If you are curious then you can stick around and you will find out by the end of this article.

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    How Much Does A Casino Dealer Make?

    Now after the pandemic which even closed down Las Vegas, the world is slowly returning to place. In this situation the demand for casino dealers are also increasing at a surprising rate. All is well and good but how much do the casino dealers actually make?

    The salary of a casino dealer depends on the place that they are working. In Nevada, a casino dealer gets an average of about $27,715 per year. So to put it simply they get the salary depending on the skills and the place to work.

    If they are working in a big gambling city then they get paid for more otherwise they are paid less. The average that as of some dealers will start off in the $16,000 range and high-end and professional dealers with experience dealers can make salaries in the $60,000 range.

    Now those who are at the top of the chain and make the most salary are those dealers who are giving out cards in important games. In the high limit rooms, only the best of the dealers are allowed.

    This is what differentiates the two kinds of dealers and their salaries. So to say that your salary depend on your skill is not entirely wrong.

    What is the Average Annual Salary of Vegas Casino Employees?

    Well, you must be wondering that if the salaries of the casino dealers depend on the place that they are working at and according to our info the better the place is known for gambling. The more the amount of money in the paycheck of the dealer.

    Then what is the average annual salary of the Vegas casino employees? It is well known that Vegas is a place where most of the gambling occurs in the world. So they should be paid a whole lot of money for being dealers in the center of a gambling den.

    You are not exactly wrong. According to statistics, Nevada casino employees get an average annual salary of almost 50,000 dollars. This survey was done back in 2016. They have not updated it any further.

    However, there are a few years that they have mentioned in the list so we are going to include them here too for the people who do like to look at the past average annual salary of a casino dealer.

    • 2000 – around 20,000 dollars.
    • 2007 – around 30,000 dollars.
    • 2011 – around 40,000 dollars.
    • 2016 – around 50,000 dollars.

    So looking at the trend in the increase in the salary of a casino dealer over the years we can confirm that the salary is still on the rise and it will soon reach the 60,000 marks and that is it.

    It is an interesting career choice to go after. So if you are planning to become a casino dealer then keep a note of it. And if you are here just for fun then you can just enjoy the details and gather some general knowledge.

    Tips Can Add Up

    Tips can always add up to the amount of money a dealer is making. The salaries might look a little bit on the lower side as compared to other jobs and you must be wondering if it is enough.

    The truth of the matter is that dealers make a lot of money on tips too. If the customer is happy with your service they tip you. It is not very much different from the tips that waiters get.

    Since people in the casinos are there for gambling they carry a lot of money with them. In the process, if the dealer is friendly to them or does a good job then the player can always tip the dealer.

    Now it depends on person to person how much they are going to tip. But most people can pay decently if not too much. This all adds to the dealer’s annual pay.

    How Much Does A Live Dealer Casino Make?

    We do not have the exact numbers here but the live casino dealers make slightly less amount of money than the other ones. This is because you are not really playing with people in front of you. All the things are done online so the pressure of screwing up is less.

    That is why they make the entry-level salary of a casino dealer. There is not a high need for live casino dealers either so they are not paid that much. They just sit around and wait for someone to log in. Once they do, the live casino dealer will start to take action.

    It is a lot less pressuring when someone is not in front of you.

    How To Earn More?

    Well, it is a very simple rule of the thumb that you earn more when you know more and have more experience. When you are trying to become a casino dealer you have to know a lot of games and their rules too.

    You are like the mediator in the game so you have to know all of the rules and regulations whether the person playing knows or not does not matter. Expand your knowledge and try to take on different kinds of games.

    The more games that you get under your belt the more you can be earning. The logistics are simple. If you know more then you can take upshifts more and in the process, you will be paid more too.

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