William Zabka Net Worth

William Zabka Net Worth

Well, we are here today for a certain reason. You probably already know it from the title itself. Yes, we are here to discuss the personality named William Zabka. Many of you who are here already know who this person is but if you have stumbled upon this article by mistake then no worries, we got you covered.

We will be giving a general introduction and description about him in this article anyway so you will get to know who he is in a minute. So without wasting any more of our precious time, let us get started. You won’t regret reading this article.

William Zabka Net Worth

Who is William Zabka?

William Zabka is a celebrity of course but we all knew that right? Otherwise, why would we be here in the first place! He is an American actor to be precise for the answer to that question.

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He is best known for his role in The Karate Kid. Did you watch that movie? Maybe you have. Go check it out once more though. It was excellent and a classic. Literally, everyone we know has watched the movie and absolutely loved it too.

What is William Zabka’s Net Worth?

Well, he is quite well known for his work. His net worth is 3 million dollars. Yes this might come as a shock to a lot of you people reading this article but it is absolutely true. He does have a net worth that high.

We will be continuing on from this point by talking about his life. This will include his personal and professional life. His life in his early days will be discussed too. So stick around if you want to know more about it.

William Zabka Early Life

He was born on 20 October, 1965. He is aged 55 now.  Well we know that you do not want to do the math so we did it for you. He was born in The Big Apple or New York City whatever you want to call it. His mother’s name was Nancy Zabka and his Father’s name was Stan Zabka.

His mother was working as a business liaison, producer, and production assistant while his dad was a writer and composer.

He even has a brother and a sister. He completed his education and he majored in film studies too. With the family background and everything, he decided to pursue a career as an actor. We must say that he has been successful in doing so.

William Zabka Personal Life

He married Stacie Zabka in the year 2008 and they have two children together. He has been married to her ever since. The couple is going strong. His wife does not make much of a public appearance.

He is loyal to his wife and he loves her very much. They are very private about their relationship. This is understandable given that many people like to poke fun without any reason. 

William Zabka Professional Life (Career)

His professional career took off and he got much-deserved recognition from the time when he landed the role in The Karate Kid in the year 1984. You might think he got the role of the protagonist but he actually played the role of the main antagonist, Johnny Lawrence. The iconic role is what opened the door for him to the world of fame.

After that, he appeared in a lot of comedy movies like  Just One of the Guys (1985) and Back to School (1986).

He had done a lot of other stuff too here and there but they can not be counted as main or major roles in his career. He was best known for his villainous character. He was bullied by the public at times because of his roles too.

In 2003, he wrote and produced a short film called Most. It won several prestigious awards too and he won a lot of recognition too. He is very successful in his career and he provides us audience with a lot of entertainment too.

He is known to have signed and announced on August 2017 that he will reprise his role as Johnny Lawrence in a 10-episode Karate Kid revival series for YouTube Premium. This was titled Cobra Kai and that has been debuted in 2018.

William Zabka Filmography

Here are a few of his top films that he is well known for. This is not a complete list of his work though. We have only included a few famous films and TV shows of his. So check them out.


1. The Karate Kid (1984)

2. Just One Of The Guys (1985)

3. The Karate Kid Part 2 (1986)

4. Back To School (1986)

5. The Karate Kid Part 3 (1989)

6. The Power Within (1995)

7. Most (2003)

8. Where Hope Grows (2014)

TV Shows

1. The Greatest American Hero (1983)

2. The Equalizer (1985-1989)

3. Python (2000)

4. Python II (2002)

5. How I Met Your Mother (2013-2014)

6. Cobra Kai (2018)

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