Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura Net Worth

It is human nature to be curious. So you do not need to be ashamed of your curiosity. But anyhow you should always try to satisfy your questions. This is why we are here today. Although we are discussing a particular subject today called Tom Segura.

We are going to discuss everything about him today starting from who he is and then what it is his net worth. All the facts about his career and early life is also included in this article. You must already know this when you read the title of the article, but we are still mentioning it to cover all the bases.

Tom Segura Net Worth

So without wasting any more time, lets get right into this article by answering the big question about who Tom Segura actually is? (If you did not know already).

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Who is Tom Segura?

Tom Segura is an American actor and comedian to be precise. He is also known as a podcaster and a writer. Of course he is the best known for his comedy and that’s what he beings to the table every time.

People laugh a lot at his jokes and stand up comedy. We surely found out his career and life to be quite successful and interesting. If you did not know who Tom Segura is, now you do. If you would like, you can go and take a look at his picture in google too.

What is Tom Segura’s Net Worth?

Tom Segura has been successful in his career. He is an American actor and comedian and has a net worth of 12 million dollars. That is a lot for a comedian if you ask us.

Anyhow this is the combined net worth with his wife. They have married since 2008 and they also have 2 kids together.

There are a lot of TV shows and movies that he has appeared on to in addition to the comedic career that he had. Several times he has been performed as a stand up comedian.

He has a huge fan following too. The great sense of humour that this guy has worked out in his favour.

Want to know more about his life and career then keep reading the article. We have included a different section for that.

Tom Segura Real Estate

In 2016 he and his wife spent around 1.5 million dollars to buy a home in Woodland Hills.

Once again in 2020 they updated their living condition by buying a home in Pacific Palisades for 6.65 million dollars. That’s a big leap and the house that they bought is beautiful to say the least.

Tom Segura Early Life

Tom Segura is born in April 16,1979. He is aged 41. That makes him quite young and he was a born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States Of America.

We have to admit that not a whole lot of information can be found about his early life. He was born from a mixed ancestry from what we know of.

The father was called Thomas Segura and he had Cajun, French Canadian and Spanish ancestry. His mother was named Charo and she was Peruvian.

Thus we can see the mixed ancestry that Tom Segura has. Tom Segura has two siblings. They are both sisters.

So he is the only son that their parents had. At the young age of 18, Tom Segura went into a coma when he overdosed on GHB.

Tom Segura Career

His career is what we are going to focus on in this section. Many of you might be interested in this part and maybe you have come to this article specially for this info.

He had to struggle to start his career. He was going to day time jobs in the morning and at night or rather evening he was performing his stand up comedy in various places.

That was indeed a tough life to lead buy hey, everyone has to struggle to start the career.Tom then entered in the Kopelson entertainment and got his first paid job as a logger.

He used to make transcripts of reality shows like Extreme Makeover and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. Yes trust me those were real shows and we are not just making up the names.

You can go and check them out if you want. He was working behind the curtains in this stage of his life.Slowly and steadily he came to be known as a stand up comedian.

He became famous and gained a lot of popularity. Of course he had performed world wide and his jokes are well received too.

He has performed in Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The comedy festival, Just for Laughs comedy festival and so on. He landed a TV show deal along with his wife.

He has a Netflix special too. He has made a name and successful career all by himself. He is worth it.

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