Tom Macdonald Net Worth

Tom Macdonald Net Worth

No, we are not talking about the MacDonald where you can go and eat burgers. Not that MacDonald. This one is a rapper. If you have never heard about him before then you need to wake up. Just kidding.

It’s okay if you have never heard about him before and just stumbled upon this article. It’s also okay if you are here because you are a fan now and want to know more about him. We welcome all of you here. You have just found the perfect article.

It had been a great urge to know about the celebrity’s personal life for all their fans. It is completely reasonable though. That’s just the natural response of humans.

Tom Macdonald Net Worth

We are here today with this article dedicated completely towards him. So if you are interested then do stick around.

You will get to know all about Tom MacDonald including his early life, personal life, and his professional life too. We have included his net worth and a General introduction for him too. So without any further ado let’s get right to it.

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Who is Tom MacDonald?

Thomas MacDonald born is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and former wrestler. This might come as a shock but it is indeed true. He was a professional wrestler before. Now he is just dedicated to his songs and raps and music.

If you are interested in looking at a picture of him then you can easily find it on the internet. It is not a secret like Sia! Most people like to associate a name with a face.

He is extremely popular and his raps are worthy to be listened to. He has a huge amount of net worth too because of his abundantly successful career. We have talked about his net worth in the following section of the article.

What is Tom Macdonald Net Worth?

Tom MacDonald has a net worth of 100 thousand dollars. Yes, you read that right. He is worth 100 thousand dollars. That is pretty big for a rapper. Now do not go comparing him to Eminem. It is not like it’s a competition of who’s better or who’s worse.

This is just about Tom MacDonald. So let us just keep it about him. He has more than half a million YouTube subscribers and more than 100 thousand Instagram followers. One of his most popular videos is called “Dear Rappers” and it has more than 400 thousand YouTube views.

Tom Macdonald Early Life

Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver- Canada. He acts and looks like a rapper but there are some contradictions to his look and music.

If you look at his photo then you can see the tattoos, piercings and weird-looking dreads on his head. However, his music is something different from the gangster look that is portrayed by his image.

Since he was born in 1988, he is 30 years old now. He spent most of his young days as a professional wrestler. Later on in his life he turned into a rapper and set his eyes on music. By the age of 17, he has worked his way or rather wrestled his way all across Canada.

He was set to have a successful career in wrestling but his passion lay somewhere else. In music to be precise and that’s why he decided to pursue it. And we must say that it was a brave decision. This path led to his success too.

Tom Macdonald Career

The journey has been a long one. He gave up on his professional wrestling and then started music. His career as a rapper took off after releasing the single “Whiteboy” in February 2018.

That’s not a long time ago if you think about it. In 2019, he released the single “Cloned Rappers”. He had rapped about the conspiracy theory about the Illuminati that they were cloning rappers and disposing of the originals.

In 2020 he released the singles “I Don’t Care” and “Coronavirus”. The name is pretty much indicating to what the content was there. In 2021 he released “Fake Woke”. It was a very huge hit.

Tom Macdonald Personal Life

We must say that there is not a lot of info that we can gather about his personal life. He likes to keep his personal life away from the public eye which is totally understandable but we did some digging around.

His father’s name is unknown but his mother is named Lee Ann MacDonald. He dedicates his music to his mom and appears really close with his dad too.

He is the perfect gentleman. He is always surrounded by girls because of his work but he has been known to date only one girl named Nova Rockafeller. They also have a punk band called GFBF together. He will definitely continue to make good music in the future too.

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