Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Well if you are here then you must know what is going on in this article. You must have read the title right? So that’s why we are here. If you are following the series then you know that we talk about a famous personality now and then.

It keeps our minds from getting bored in this dreadful quarantine that never seems to end. So even if you do not know who he is and is just here out of sheer curiosity then no worries.

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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Well, most of you might know who he is but for those of you who do not, we have decided to give you a very good basic introduction about this man.

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So to put it in simple words, he is an American entrepreneur, actor, producer, reality TV personality, and former professional skateboarder. That is a lot of title to have under one belt don’t you think? Maybe that’s the reason we are here today discussing our will.

What is Rob Dyrdek Net Worth?

We are here so we will definitely tell you what his net worth is but can you guess it before we actually tell you. Come on now don’t be shy, take a wild guess. Well, what did you guess? 60 million dollars? 70 million dollars?

Well, you are far off because the net worth of this guy is 100 million dollars. Yes, you read that right folks. He is worth 100 million dollars and that can increase anytime too. So that is not his fixed net worth. Are you surprised?  Because we sure were!

Rob Dyrdek Early Life

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is the full name of the individual we are dealing with today. His short name is known to you all. Generally, we do not use the middle name of the person when we are referring to them.

He was born on June 28, 1974. He was born in Kettering, Ohio, United States Of America. He is now the age of 46 years old. So you say that he is halfway through his life (according to the General human lifespan.)

His parents are named Gene and Patty Dyrdek. He became involved in sports at a very young age and started skateboarding at the mere age of 11. He was a professional skateboarder for some amount of time so he must have been really into it. He confessed to think about skateboarding all the time.

Rob Dyrdek Personal Life

Well, we do not know a whole lot about his personal life but we will tell you as much as we know. He has one sister. He is pretty fond of dogs and He is also known to have two bulldogs by the name of Meaty and Beefy, and a Pomeranian dog named Gretchen Weiner.

He loves his sister very much and he was the person who got her married as a minister. He became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. This all happened way back in 2011. This wedding ceremony was also featured and it took place in the fantasy factory in Los Angeles.

He also got married to Bryiana Noelle Flores who is a model and they have two children together. They seem to be a very happy family and they are still together.

Rob Dyrdek Professional Life (Career)

Well, he started his career as a professional skateboarder. He got a lot of sponsors for his skateboarding gig. Seeing that he was always wanting to become a pro here, he clearly achieved his dream. He is also the founder of Street Skateboarding League. This was a domestic event but it is now an international one.

He soon ventured into the world of business and entrepreneurship. Might we say that he was very much successful in the field too? He owns a lot of businesses now and is super-rich. He was also known to own race horses once upon a time and he owned around 13 horses. This was all added to the success of his life.

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