Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison Net Worth

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Rick Harrison Net Worth

Who is Rick Harrison?

If you are here then you must already know that who he is. But for those people who have stumbled upon this article by chance (we don’t know how that happened), we have provided a description for you.

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He is a reality television personality and he is also a businessman. He is the owner of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. If you have watched Pawn Stars then you should be acquainted with this shop since it was featured there.

He opened the shop with his father back in 1989. Now he is the sole owner of the shop.

What is Rick Harrison’s Net Worth?

Rick Harrison is known to be wildly popular among the men of the business world. He has a net worth of 9 million dollars. He is pretty famous so you do not have to be surprised by the fact that he has a net worth of that big. His net worth might be very much susceptible to increase in the recent future.

Anyway, he has had a pretty interesting life and career which we are going to discuss in the sections below. So if you are interested in knowing about that then stick around. We promise that you won’t regret it.

Rick Harrison Early Life

Rick Harrison was born on March 22, 1965. He was born in Lexington, North Carolina in the United States Of America. He is now 56 years of age if anyone of you was too lazy to do the math. No need to Thank us.

His father and mother are Richard Benjamin Harrison and Joanne Rhue Harrison respectively. He has three siblings. He is the third child. His elder brothers are named Sherry Joanne Harrison (died at age 6), and Joseph Kent Harrison.

His younger brother is named Chris Harrison. He had a lot of epileptic seizures when he was young. He has a love for reading books.

Rick Harrison Personal Life

Rick Harrison has married twice and he had divorced twice too. After that in 2012, he announced his engagement to Deanna Burditt who is also two times divorced person. They married each other in 2013. He has two sons from his first wife.

They are named Corey and Adam. From his second wife, he has another son named Jake. There are no reports of any child to be born out of the wedlock of his last wife.

That’s all that we know about his personal life. So that is what we are writing in this article. Let us move on to the next topic.

Rick Harrison Professional Life (Career)

The life of a businessman was what suited Rick Harrison a lot. He opened the first pawnshop with his father called the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop but you know that already since we have mentioned it before. I

t is located in Las Vegas and the location of the shop has changed its place quite a number of times because of the lease problem. The pawnshop gained its reputation by 2006 and it was known to carry special sports items and unique histories.

The items that are most often pawned at this shop are jewelry according to Harrison. In the field of television, he had always wanted to create a show about his pawnshop. But unfortunately, his efforts did not yield any result.

In 2008 he got this idea pitched to him about a reality television show about a pawn shop. The series was originally pitched to HBO.

In January 2011, Pawn Stars was the highest-rated program on the History Channel. Harrison appeared on the show as himself. His sons were also a part of the show. He has also appeared in a few commercials. He is successful in his career.

Rick Harrison Real Estate

In 2019 he is known to have listed his Red Rock country clubhouse. This house was built in 2021. The list price of the house was 3.99 million dollars. That is a pretty decent price for such a beautiful house indeed.

He bought the house back in 2016 and he has had possession of the house ever since. The home is like a fully built package. You can check out the house on the internet if it had piqued your interest.

That’s a very visually appealing house and that too in a location like Las Vegas.

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