How To Choose Lottery Numbers


    You can definitely choose your lottery numbers randomly if you want. Some people find it to be fun that way. And it is completely fine if you are just going in for fun.

    But if you seriously want to win and like to gamble then there are some tricks while choosing lottery numbers that have been used by gamblers of many ages.

    We are going to tell you the tricks to them in the article. So if you are interested then you should definitely stick around and give this article a read.

    We promise you will not be disappointed. So without any further ado let’s get into it.

    How To Choose Lottery Numbers?

    Here is the way of choosing lottery numbers. You should pay attention to these points and keep them in mind because they are definitely legit and can prove to be very useful once you get the hang of it.

    Before we start however we would like to point out that there is no way to cheat. There is no way in the lottery. It is a game of chance but you can still strategize.

    It will increase your chances of winning. It doesn’t mean that you will win 100%. So do not expect to win just because you are strategic.

    This is not possible in a gambling game like the lottery. So now that we have gotten that out of the way. Lets begin.

    1. Memorable Dates

    Some people believe in lucky numbers. This can be any number or any particular date. Most people believe in wedding anniversary or birthdays.

    These are the most common choices. However, some people even go for digits in their social security number!

    As strange and weird as it sounds, some people do believe whole heartedly in their lucky numbers, whatever it might be.

    But remember, if you’re choosing birthdays then save at least one selection for over 31. You can actually pick any number you believe will bring you luck.

    We have even heard accounts of people who chose their driving plate number!

    2. Sports Players

    Are you a sports fan? If yes then you can use the number of your favorite sports player or players to make a choice or a decision.

    It can be any kind of sports too. NFL players or NBA players or anything else that you like to watch in the sports department.

    The good thing about this is that you will not forget the numbers you picked. And if you want to be consistent on choosing your numbers in an online lottery game.

    Then you need to remember the number you choose. There is no better way of remembering the important numbers.

    3. Avoid Strings and Patterns

    Avoid drawing and choosing strings and patterns of numbers. Some people think that it is a smart move but it is not. Some people choose lottery numbers like 15,16,17 and so on.

    This selection of number is highly unlikely to win. Try to choose random numbers that do not form a string or pattern. By pattern, we mean numbers like 7,14,21, and so on.

    They are all multiples of 7. This is a terrible move. You should never do that. Your chances of winning decrease if you do so. So try to be more original.

    4. Discover Most Common Lottery Numbers

    This is strange but many people just google the numbers that they should pick. They can find articles which give them the most common lottery numbers.

    Statistically, it has been found that some Numbers have won more times than the others. There is no logical explanation behind this.

    But those numbers have now become the most common lottery numbers. Many people like to choose them. You can too if you want.

    There is no guarantee that the numbers will win but once again it is a game of chance. So there is a high possibility that it will win. You can google the most common lottery numbers if you want.

    5. Don’t Change Your Numbers

    This is our last and most important piece of advice. Do not change the numbers you have picked in the last moment. This has happened many times.

    Some players changed their numbers and watched the original bet win. There is nothing more frustrating than that, trust us. You do not want to experience that.

    It is not a good feeling. Stick to your original numbers. If it wins then Congratulations and if it does not then you can try again. But at any cost, do not change the numbers you have picked.


    We hope that this article has been useful for you. Next time you go to buy a lottery then try to remember these tips they can really come in handy.

    Thank you so much for choosing the article and giving it a read till the very end. We wish you good luck and hope that you win the next lottery that you go to.

    We would really like to know if this article here has been useful for you. So please consider leaving your feedback and comments in the comment section provided under this article.

    Also we would be highly grateful if you could share this article with others too. They might get some useful tips from here too which might help them in the future. Thank you once again. Have a nice day and good luck guys!


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