Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre Net Worth

It is truly a mystery solved when we get to know more about the lives of famous people. They look like shinning stars to us and most of us are curious about how they live. We at times even forget that they are also humans and not some idol to be perfect.

Therefore knowing about their lives can give us a insight to the kind of person they are in real life. This is why we have taken on the task of bringing this article to the public.

We are focusing on one celebrity today. His name is Eric Andre. If you do not know who that is then you are sure to know it soon enough. We have got everything covered in this article ranging from his net worth to his personal and professional life.

Eric Andre Net Worth

People who do not know Eric Andre might just know his face from a particular meme. So if you are interested in knowing more about him then keep on reading this article.

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Who is Eric Andre?

Eric Andre is an American actor and comedian. He has also worked as a television host in his career. He is very well known among the comedian circle. His jokes are really fun and he has a good sense of humor overall. He has also worked as a host, writer, and producer.

He is well known as the creator, host, and co-writer of the Adult Swim comedy series named The Eric Andre Show. What do you mean you do not know about it?

It is quite famous and hilarious too so go have a look if you have not already. He has also worked as a voice actor in the past. However, we are going to discuss his works and career in detail later on. For now, let’s take a look at his net worth.

What is Eric Andre Net Worth?

Eric Andre is an American actor, comedian, and television host. He is well known in his profession. He has a net worth of 3 million dollars. You will get to know more about his early life and career in the following sections of the article.

It is really interesting to know about someone’s life. So you can definitely keep on reading and you will not be disappointed. After all this article is not just dedicated to the net worth of Eric Andre. There is so much more to it.

Eric Andre Early Life

Eric Andre was born in Boca Raton, Florida on April 4, 1983. He is now aged 38. The name that he received at the point of birth was Eric Samuel Andre. His mom was an American Jewish and his father was an immigrant African. He identifies himself as both black and Jewish.

Andre had spent his childhood quite normally. He went to school and completed his education. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from the university. There is not much that we know about his early life but we have given you as much as we could find. Let’s move on to his professional life or career next.

Eric Andre Career

He graduated with a degree in music but he started his career in comedy in 2003. In his life he has taken part in a lot of shows and content. He is the writer and host of the Eric Andre Show as we have mentioned before.

He has also taken part in a number of parodies of public access talk shows. He was also a part of the late-night programming block Adult Swim. The shows had a series of pranks and shock humor involved in it.

He was also a part of the short-lived ABC comedy series Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. He has also taken part in Man Seeking Woman where he has played Mike. He performs his characters well and we love to see him on screen. He has also been a voice actor for Luci in the Netflix animated show Disenchantment. In 2020 he announced his stand-up Netflix special on Netflix.

It is really fun to watch him perform. We suggest that you so do give it a go if you haven’t before. Quite ironically he was also a part of a meme that is still in use till date. Just search for the Eric Andre meme on the net and you will find it. You might have already seen it in the first place.

Eric Andre Personal Life

André dated actress Rosario Dawson from 2016 to 2017. After their relationship ended, Andre said that he dated another woman who he met in the farmer’s market. He said that she did not know he was famous until they started dating.

He is not married at the moment. That’s all we can tell you about his personal life. Hope you are satisfied.

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