Dr. Phil Net Worth

Dr. Phil Net Worth

We are here today to dedicate this article to Dr. Phil. If you have never heard about him before (then how did you even end up here?) do not worry because we have got you. This is going to be an article where we are going to include facts about the life of Dr. Phil.

If you are interested in knowing that then you should definitely stick around. So without any further ado let’s start this article and stop wasting our precious time.

Dr. Phil Net Worth

Who is Dr. Phil?

If you are here then I am sure that you already know who that is. But just for the sake of covering all our bases and making sure that you understand the personality completely. We have given this brief introduction of the person.

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Dr. Phil is a famous television personality who is known for his show, Dr. Phil. He had also written many books. So now you know who he is. Now we can go forward and then discuss the career and life of this person.

What is Dr. Phil Net Worth?

The net worth of Dr. Phil is going to be a lot. Can you guess how much it is? We are going to tell you anyway but let’s see your guess first. How much did you guess? 200 million dollars? 300 million dollars?

Well, the truth is that he has a net worth of 460 million dollars. That should not come as a surprise (or maybe it does!) to anyone because he is very popular in the industry. We have all heard about him. Let us be honest, even if we did not personally watch his show.

Dr. Phil Early Life

He was born on 1 September 1950. That means that he is around 70 years old right now. That math is pretty easy to do. He is not actually dedicated to becoming a TV show host. He studied psychology and became a doctor.

His father was Joseph J. McGraw Jr. and his mother was Anne Geraldine “Jerry”. He also had 2 siblings sisters. They were named Donna and Deana. His real name is Philip Calvin McGraw.

He got this dream of becoming a psychologist from a very young age and that is what he did. He became more successful than he had ever hoped for. I mean that’s why we are here today, writing an article about this legendary man. His show will go down in history.

Dr. Phil Personal Life

Dr. Phil married a cheerleader at the age of 20. Her name was Debbie Higgins. She accused him of being too domineering and said that she prevented her from doing any work and confined her to domestic duties.

These accusations piled on and their marriage ended in infidelity. He married Robin Jo Jameson next and he has had two children with her. They are named Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw. He has also founded a charity named, Dr. Phil Foundation, in October 2003.

Dr. Phil Professional Life (Career)

He had his private psychology practice after he graduated. That was to be expected in honesty. I mean what else is a psychologist supposed to do. He founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) with lawyer Gary Dobbs in 1990.

It provided services like litigation psychology, trial consulting, jury selection, witness training, and depositions In 1995 Oprah Winfrey hired McGraw’s legal consulting in order to prepare for one of her trials.

It was the Amarillo Texas Beef Trial if anyone is interested in knowing the name of the trial. She was very impressed by his work and thanked him for winning the case. After that, she made a request to him to appear as a guest on her show.

He was so well-liked by the audience that he began appearing regularly on Tuesdays. Later on, with the rising television popularity and a little boost from Oprah herself, he ended up on his very own show. The show was named Dr. Phil as we all know.

It also became widely popular and viewers from all over the world started watching the show. He has been incredibly successful in his life in all of his career paths.

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